Church Avenue Garage LTD is the most trusted car service and repair specialist in the country. We offer services for engine tuning in Oklahoma and nearby areas.

repairOur services include:

  • Brake and clutch repair

Brake and clutch maintenance is one of the most important car maintenance that could cause accidents if overlooked. Squealing sound and other high-pitch noises are common signs that your brake and clutch are not anymore in good shape and perhaps, needing some repairs or replacement.

Church Avenue Garage LTD is capable of conducting brake and clutch inspection while you wait. With years of experience, they can easily pin-point what is wrong with your car, and if it needed any tuning up or replacement. They can do it in a few minutes and they do it for free.

  • Engine Tuning, Gear Box Repair

Whether it is the adjustment of the carburettor idle speed and air-fuel mixture, or replacement of the ignition system components such as the spark plugs, contact breaker points, distributor cap and rotor and all types of filter, Church Avenue Garage LTD can handle that in no time.

We guarantee you that you’ll walk out of our garage doors satisfied and your cars purring like a brand new ride.

  • Fleet Servicing

Church Avenue Garage LTD is your solution for all types of fleet maintenance requirements. We are capable of a full workshop that comes straight to your homes and offices.

  • Car Diagnostics

diagnosisDon’t know what’s wrong with your car? Church Avenue Garage LTD offers free diagnostic without you leaving your homes.

We do it fast without compromising any symptom of your car and we give you immediate results. We are accurate and we are the necessary tool you need.  We inspect from the interior to the exterior, never overlooking the minuetest detail that can make a difference to the performance of your vehicle.

You never get to worry what’s wrong with your car because we’ll inspect it and fix it. No hassle of the trial and error basis other company does that make you pay more. With us, you only pay for the right service.

Church Avenue Garage LTD also does your air conditioning and engine and transmission building. All you have to do is book us online or call us for appointment now.