Church Avenue Garage LTD has strived to deviate from the normalcy ever since it was established in the 1980’s. Through hard work and perseverance, mix that together with the market’s leading team of car service and repair specialist, we are now the company to beat as the number one solution on your car maintenance and repair needs.

Church Avenue Garage LTD is an all-American company founded in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We started with 11 mechanics and right now, we have grown into more than fifty, with everyone having a talent on breaking down and putting back any and all automobile parts. This was continuously enhanced every year as our team further their learning through the masters of the field. They have gone through years of experience and numerous of trainings that made them veterans in the field.

This is the reason why when they put their hands on your automobile, you are assured that they only give the best service.

Church Avenue Garage LTD has served thousands of customers in the field since the beginning. All of whom were deeply satisfied in benefiting from the services we offer. We never leave anyone hanging and we don’t leave them behind. Our number one goal is to build a solid partnership with people who continuously raise us to be on the top.

Through the years, Church Avenue Garage LTD has also become a partner of various brands known in car business. With them, we have become the largest and trusted distributor of car parts at an affordable price.

No wonder we are the first to be sought in times of car troubles. We are the only car repair specialist where there is no need any more to outsource car parts at a relatively higher price and if not found, would resort to a delay in delivering the service. We have it all and we do it best. We are known only for the quality of our products and services.

This is for all of your car trouble, you’ll never be disappointed in booking only the best.